Vodka flows
in thickness

BloodyMary —
in a number of glasses
autumn sunset

Chi-Chi —
the bartender offers
a baby of the clouds

*Chi-Chi is a frozen cocktail

Blue Bayou —
I watch a typhoon

*Blue Bayou a combination of blue curaçao and pineapple

April Work Observations

Oh, the poetic things and creative epic events one can observe while working 12 hours or more during a busy weekend shift. As a reflection of my weekly work schedule, lets say that time truly is but a blur when the world about you is rushing by in serving foods, packaging foods and finally, consuming foods to oneself and to others, obviously. 😉

gazing at
a lump of cooked rice
full moon

a lump of cooked rice
in a baby’s hands

a split bag of rice
spills over

full moon—
white dinner plates
being piled up

moon viewing—   
boiled rice rises
then slips down

dinner plates
being piled up…

full moon I pour a cup of milk

full moon to eat a boiled egg