April Work Observations

Oh, the poetic things and creative epic events one can observe while working 12 hours or more during a busy weekend shift. As a reflection of my weekly work schedule, lets say that time truly is but a blur when the world about you is rushing by in serving foods, packaging foods and finally, consuming foods to oneself and to others, obviously. 😉

gazing at
a lump of cooked rice
full moon

a lump of cooked rice
in a baby’s hands

a split bag of rice
spills over

full moon—
white dinner plates
being piled up

moon viewing—   
boiled rice rises
then slips down

dinner plates
being piled up…

full moon I pour a cup of milk

full moon to eat a boiled egg

April Surprises…

On April 20, 2022, of this year, obviously, I took a New Year’s walk with my little love, Lola. She is nearly 14 years old this October 2022. Anyway, before our daily walks, since there is no rain, I was allowed by Mother Nature to make the following observations of my Lola and other natural things, during and after our daily walks. I hope you, reader(s) enjoy the happiness and surprises that we encountered on that day. If I had my camera in hand, I would have taken a quick photo, but of course, the snake in its travels, moved swifter than I could. 😉

before our walk…

teacup chihuahua
the sunshine is ahead
of the sunrise

teacup chihuahua
her shiny coat
ahead of the sunshine

teacup chihuahua
a sunny spot moves
around the apartment

during our walk…

a gardener snake
rises itself from the grass

as the gold snake rises
from the grass

the gardener snake rises
suddenly, swiftly
april sunrise

after our walk…

my chihuahua rests
on the sofa

sleepy chihuahua
stays in bed sulking
for a short while

sleeping chihuahua…
where a soft light shines
from the blankets


@ madasahatter572 only…

November rain…
the scattered remnants
of bluebells


moon gazing
into a glass
i pour fresh milk


Original Haiku by Annie Wilson…

trees pirouette
shedding leaves like last regrets –
we ride the storm

my inspired Haiku…

departing summer—
towards the nether world
a myriad of green leaves
ride upon the storm


Original Haiku by Annie Wilson…

trees pirouette
shedding leaves like last regrets –
we ride the storm

my inspired Haiku…

departing summer—
towards the nether world
a myriad of green leaves
ride upon the storm


from Madasahatter572 to you and your family and friends, dear followers, some holiday Haiku…

scattered clouds
i open a bag of flour
in the kitchen

in the kitchen
with the clouds…
tossed flour

celery sticks
in a straight line
mountain’s green

flower bouquet
in broad daylight
the color of the earth

pouring salt
into the shaker…
November blizzard


To my friends and family and my beloved followers…Happy Halloween.

It is true that Madasahatter has returned -hopefully with more treats than tricks.

Give me a moment also to dwell in the Happiness that is my new home. I am happy to be home online at my personal, poetic blog. I have found joy and a new found Happiness in my new apartment as well as in my new furnishings. All things, well most things, are put away and sorted out. Of course, the move of August 2021 was long and draining, but so worth the change.

‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:’

So now Madasahatter can return to new and old things.


I am exploring new poetic possibilities while still holding to a strong reference of traditional Haiku and or Tanka. Of course, I am not just limiting this blog to Haiku and Tanka. I am expanding into the uncharted territory that is Micro Poetry.

Follow along with me, my friends, and let us explore this mad, mad world of Words. Mostly written in English of course. 😉

So without further delay, some holiday poems…

*Four or more lines; Haiku of four lines (sometimes known as haiqua)or longer have been written, some of them “vertical haiku” with only a word or two per line. These poems mimic the vertical printed form of Japanese haiku.


Halloween dawn—
a human shadow
cannot move an inch
towards the nether world

in the fog
a faintly reflected scent of
life and death…
gliding ghosts


autumn sunset
the glimpse of
a pumpkin field

evening fog
where ghosts appear
but faintly

white vapor…
the war dead


aerial stalker
hovers in constant altitude
threatening assault


little blackbird
hovers above my crown
threatening aerial deployment

haiku #60

white snowdrops
dotting the green field –
fifth day of summer

haiku #59

the red queen
perched atop green throne
looks out into summery world


newborn cardinal
from top of the pine tree
looks out into summery world

haiku #58

at the saloon
fallen tresses
draw mandalas on the floor


at the hair saloon
severed tresses
fall to the floor –
drawing mandala

haiku #57

spring birds in the field
bid farewell to spring –
drenched by summer rain

haiku #56
Copyright © Dorna Hainds – (week of 06/15/2019)

*Finally, another long week of old haiku. This sudden heatwaves has struck me hard but also has inspired a new series called HEATWAVE. Let us see how that turns out. 😉 


fainting flowers
quivering lightly
the days grow dark

haiku #55

in darkness
the lotus flowers bloom
shade of whiteness
silently radiates
dragged into open field

tanka #54

under lotus moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds in wonder


beneath the moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds watching

haiku #53

a black crow
seeks to parlay with
young sparrows

haiku #52

this afternoon
green field is frosted with snow –
white dandelions

haiku #51

in early spring
visible in dark skies
in lieu of snowflakes –
a flurry of white dandelions

haiku #50

it is raining
in this indecisive grey area –
early morning

haiku #49
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Another week of Awesome sightings for the week of June 09, 2019. 😉 


monday morning –
the spirited robins
heard at window

haiku #49

tuesday afternoon –
once more the green mile
bathed in the sunshine

haiku #50

mid-wednesday morning
droplets of false silver
constantly falling

haiku #51

thursday evening
in the last day of light
frogs’ song

haiku #52

friday morning –
dotting the green meadow
the black field workers

haiku #53

saturday morning –
a white woman
sitting in a white
sniffs white powder
baby cries from the backseat

tanka #54

sunday morning –
returned brown field workers
plucking at worms from the surface below

haiku #55
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

*Just another week of observations for June 08, 2019. 😉 


buried in rubble
fainting smell of wildflowers –
despite adverse odds

haiku #40

this afternoon
taking another walk
after the rain
white apple blossoms fall
brings whiteout conditions

tanka #41

slowly falling
floating in the night sky
apple blossoms

haiku #42

a few white stars
falling down to the earth
grounded to dust

haiku #43

lightening the sky
some tiny grains of dust –
white apple blossoms

haiku #44

the lady in red
strolling along the green mile
finds orphaned sparrows

haiku #45

spring morning –
early field workers
search for worms

haiku #46

from skinny branches
suspended animation –
ruby-red apples

haiku #47

apple trees in bloom
raining down silky-soft tears
mainly white blossoms

haiku #48
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

*As May comes to end, Madasahatter572 leaves you, dear reader(s) with these parting thoughts. 😉 


in this green field
tossed away by school children
paper snowflakes

haiku #30

spring afternoons
infinite sunflowers
bursting open

haiku #31

city police officer
watching children
his hand resting on sidearm –
since the world has lost her way


dressed in white
playful children in the park
let them remember the sun

haiku #32

mistaken identity –
the discovery of a ribbon
is nothing more than a black snake

haiku #33

the birds fly high
by the dim light of the stars –
the disappearing sun

haiku #34

this green country road
frosted with apple blossoms
small grains of sunshine

haiku #35

taking a walk
suddenly rains down on me –
purple petals

haiku #36

snow all over
embedded on the sidewalks –
apple blossoms

haiku #37

a twinkling effect
blossoms lolling in the breeze
around dawn and dusk

haiku #38

stars of heaven
swiftly dancing then falling –
cherry blossoms

haiku #39
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

*Just a few more observations made while walking this week of 05/18/2019. 😉