on the tip of the
newly sprouted bamboo…
a baby sparrow

a brave little acrobat
commands tall-swaying highwire

living in harmony–
the sparrow has
both parents!

within the dark before dawn
a whole family nestled

while I watch
he’s off to make a living alone…
baby sparrow

vanished in morning ether
my companionable bird

spring peace–
after rain, a gang war
garden sparrows

watchful warriors see all
eyes crew of chatter and song

don’t let the plum blossom guard
cut your tongues…
Sparrows! *

be silent little sparrow
be a brooklet’s gurgling flow

are the sparrows too
having a private party?
plum blossoms

gathered companionable birds
disregard the endless raindrops

© Kobayashi Issa (Tr. David G. Lanoue)

renga with
Copyright © 2019 by Dorna Hainds

Response to Carpe Diem #1761 Sparrows (Renga With …)



flood waters
stars too will go to sleep
on top of a rock

rivulets always in motion
silver river streams into sea

still summer
the harvest moon too hot
to enjoy the coolness

under cherry blossom shade
the butterflies are dreaming

morning glories
in the daytime a lock lowered
on the gate

a veil of shimmering white
conceals another new world

chrysanthemum flowers
bloom at the stonemason’s
between stones

colorful leaves of promise
linger with springlike newness

the bitterness of pickles
in the talk

tongue-tied fools are wasting time
riddled with anxieties

plum blossom scent
since ancient times the word
has been sorrowful

though they have taken their time
the plum tree always blossoms

© Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Renga With Basho
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

Response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #102 Renga With Basho … ancient times


missing the malls
on the ocean beach
she gathers shells

hears a twinkling merriment
rather than a clanging beat

afternoon wind
all the beachcomber’s words
blown out to sea

crosses the calm deep blue sea
vaporous exhalations

cold beach walk
on sun-warmed car seats
two sweatshirts

tangled into thousand strands
floral scented ocean breeze

high tide
the beach leaves a mark
in her book

watery apparitions
tattoo fine sandy pages

a special beach
I put a pebble in my mouth
before leaving

before the sugary sweets
a salty appetizer

smelling the light
on her tanned shoulder
home from the beach

in the breath of a new dawn
she feels light of yesterday

© Jane Reichhold (Extracted from “A Dictionary Of Haiku”)
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

Response to Carpe Diem #1704 Beachcomber … Renga With Jane Reichhold


dancing on the beach
I jab a stick into the sky
to break up the blue

spiraling from formation
distracted blue butterfly

days so complete
words become the calls of birds
the high tide wind

found genuine happiness
the air is sweet with flowers

placing the flute
against her lips something
slips into place

forever enraptured by it
those pretty pale little fingers

I’m not old
all night my eyes have held
the ancient stars

caught a fleeting glimpse of heaven
in her intoxicating eyes

wind perfumed
from a woman’s shoulder
desert night

a benediction from her skin
as a faint quiver in the air

moon white water
lovers in the secret cove
Saturday night

being very secretive
whispering only love talk

© Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)

renga with Jane Reichhold
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

Response to Carpe Diem #1697 Renga With Jane Reichhold … placing the flute


evening sea fog
descending into sun-dried grass
sweaty lovers

© Jane Reichhold

we shall not lie side by side
I shall sit here by myself

tan renga
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

how much I mourn her
that lithe and sensuous frame –
distributed in dust

beyond this physical world
transformed into cosmic dust

haiku/tan renga
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Response to Carpe Diem #1670 Tan Renga Challenge Month May 2019 (17) sun-dried grass

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