2023 AWAKENING xxv

  1. plastic rain…
    a bundle of pregnancy tests
    falling straight down
  2. hard rain
    her pregnancy test
    reads positive
  3. trying to read
    the pregnancy test
    tears are fogged and
  4. plastic snowflakes
    i do count them out…
    pregnancy tests
  5. hard snow pregnancy tests keep on falling
  6. hard rain
    i did weep and weep again
    at the doctor’s office
  7. pregnancy tests a sprinkling of snowflakes
  8. pregnancy test
    has such a glow, that
    the blossoms fail to shine
  9. pregnancy tests
    the fallen, scattered snow—
    how do i sweep it away?
  10. pregnancy tests…
    white snow
    has fallen, drifted high around
    my feet

2023 AWAKENING xviii

  1. marble statue–
    sleepy mums
    similar shapes to each other
  2. hazy moon
    mum’s breast sinks
    deeper into the dark
  3. occasional whispers
    of mum’s youth…
    bitter wind
  4. bundling frizzy hair
    with ease…
    summer sunset
  5. summer sunset —
    mum’s frizzy hair
    in a bundle
  6. noonday heat–
    how mum’s curls linger
    into place
  7. sucking on a
    bottle of milk…
    melting snow
  8. spots of milk
    stuck to the bottle…
  9. milk
    dripping, dripping…
  10. melting snow —
    baby formula
    dripping, dripping
  11. squeezed formula
    between the fingers —
    falling snow

2023 AWAKENING xviii

  1. pink tornado
    giggling baby grabs
    mum’s circling finger
  2. pink tornado–
    twirling finger
    makes a perfect circle
  3. plunging my hands
    into mum’s palms…
    pink waterfall
  4. pink moon–
    baby’s suckling lips
    cling to mum’s breast
  5. snowballs
    scattering mum’s pearls
    onto the floor
  6. fussy baby
    still in the crib–
    hazy moon
  7. dried milk
    in dark and thick strokes…
  8. straight gaze
    of thick moonlight…
    drying milk
  9. spilt milk
    every dribble looks
    like a pillow
  10. avalanche
    spilt milk dribbles
    deeper into the dark
  11. baby formula
    is blown away…
    rising fog

2023 AWAKENING xviii

  1. twinkling stars
    from the bottle
    baby powder
  2. twinkling stars
    goes the baby powder
  3. full moon
    mum’s growing belly
    nicely plump
  4. a clear view
    of a hazy moon…
    mum’s swollen breast(s)
  5. spring moon–
    where the baby
  6. watching the baby rise
    from mum’s belly…
    summer moon
  7. mum’s belly
    month by month swells…
    moon phases
  8. moon phases
    mum describes the position
    of the growing baby
  9. day moon
    mum’s belly
    refusing to droop
  10. hazy moon
    a glass of milk reaches
    full volume
  11. hazy moon
    mum’s belly
    in full glory

2023 AWAKENING xvii

*a bit late, but i just finally found some time after a 54 work-week(end) 😉

  1. spring moon —
    milk in the bottle
  2. waning moon
    mum slowly unfolds
    new nappy
  3. crescent moon
    folded nappy
    slightly open
  4. slight wind—
    the rush of wind
    through the toddler’s teeth
  5. feverish baby
    crying for hours—
    heavy drizzle
  6. tears
    meander down baby’s cheek
    like a river
  7. wanting to touch
    ripe strawberry—
    super blood moon
  8. laundry hamper
    filled with soiled nappies…
    dirty snowballs
  9. dry snowflakes–
    a flurry of nappies
    under mum’s feet
  10. straight gaze
    of cleaned nappies…
    full moon
  11. wispy fog…
    tea steam rises
    fading slowly

2023 AWAKENING xiii

  1. using her fingers
    concerned mum searches
    for a slight fever
  2. lingering summer heat
    hazy memories
    of baby’s fever
  3. papa’s lullaby
    changing its timbre…
    skin-chilling air
  4. crawling baby
    shrinks its shadow
    hazy moon
  5. day moon
    so many shapes
    of nappies
  6. autumn chill…
    singing mother speaks
    in her mother’s tongue
  7. winter fog last photo of my youth
  8. sleeping newborn
    stays in my arms
    day moon
  9. feeding spoon
    the full moon’s
    eternal smile
  10. soup spoon —
    sunlight seeps into
    my bones

2023 AWAKENING viii

  1. moonlight
    over the doctor’s mouth
    fitted face mask
  2. soiled nappy
    darkness of a lunar eclipse
  3. cloth nappy
    to put it down…
    unexpected moonlight
  4. moon phases–
    folding cloth nappies
    into thin pieces
  5. lunar eclipse
    mum lets fly a cloth nappy
  6. lunar eclipse–
    the baby crawls off
    with a cloth nappy
  7. nappies hung to dry–
    strolling neighbor sees
    a lunar eclipse
  8. pulling a nappy
    from the packaging…
    a lunar eclipse begins
  9. moonlight halos
    into the hands…
    cloth nappy


My apologizes, my beloved followers, but this Madasahatter needs to take some time away from daily postings. I might or might not be moving and we all know that Moving has its own levels of hell and frustration that one must contend with. So until I am settled down once more, I shall say, Thank You for the daily follow and comments and encouragement. You might find me via Facebook under my name Dorna Hainds.

I am going to try and continue Haiku for as long as possible.

One can only pack and move and re-rearrange so much, right?

Until my return, I bid you farewell. And always, try and find some Happy in your days.